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Measure, calculate, and analyze data collected from various sources
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SPARKvue is intended for measuring, calculating and analyzing data collected from various sources. It has a special importance for teaching science lessons thanks to the availability of a slide presentation function. The tool has been specifically designed to access information collected by sensors, mostly those sold by Pasco. However, it also allows entering data manually as well as by remote logging.

In terms of hardware, the program supports more than 70 data logger sensors connected via Bluetooth. In this respect, there are many data types that can be collected by them, ranging from science experiments to vital signs.

The program has a beautiful interface, perfectly suited to be used in lessons, thanks to the size of the text labels and other graphical elements. It is quite easy to navigate and find the desired function. Besides, there is a welcoming menu to help you select the desired task. In this respect, you can choose one of the data entering methods: manual, sensor and remote logging. Likewise, you can open a previously saved experiment or build a new one. Moreover, you have the possibility of starting any of the available PASCO experiments, which are similar to templates especially suited for various classical chemistry and physics experiments. They even include the so-called “Quick start labs” collection, which includes Conservation of momentum, Monitoring blood pressure and Monitoring weather.

If you decide to create a personalized experiment, you can add various pages. In addition, each page can have different layouts. What is more, you can insert various types of objects, including graphs, numbers, tables, gauges, video, text and lists. Unfortunately, there are many unsupported media formats. Graphs deserve a special mention, as there are various kinds that serve to illustrate all types of collected data.

The worth of this product is definitely expanded by other useful features that cannot be neglected. One of them is the possibility to share data across devices, which is particularly helpful for learning in groups. Besides, it allows examining students by inserting multiple-choice questions, dropdown lists and open text answers. Finally, all the work can be easily shared with others via Cloud-based file sharing services.

All in all, SPARKvue is a great educational tool for both teachers and students. It helps automate data collection and analysis in a way that leaves more space to illustrating and understanding experiments. The product has a Quick Start Guide to help you take the first steps. As to pricing, it is available both as site and single user licenses. It is a pity, though, that the developers do not offer free licenses for educational purposes.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports various ways of entering data
  • Compatible with more than 70 data loggers
  • Various types of experiments supported
  • Supports examinations
  • Data sharing across devices
  • Cloud data sharing
  • Slide presentations


  • Does not support many media formats
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